You must be living with more than one dog.

Hello! We’re Siwon System.
It’s been more than a month since I saw you.
Thanks to the cool system sky learning, which is more attractive the more I know, I think I can work with interest yesterday and today, a month later!
Although we still lack knowledge of the field situation and materials, we know very well how to utilize sky learning while posting various installation cases. Yes!
Sky Learning is an outdoor structure that allows more efficient use of outdoor spaces such as veranda terraces and rooftops connected to the garden interior.
Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the romance and special time that only outdoor spaces can’t be felt in indoor spaces.
Today, we will show you the cool system skyning that created a special and different outdoor space!
I think you’ll find it more interesting because it’s a unique scene.

Skyning of cool systems installed in reinforced rural houses
If there’s a luxury in the yard, this is a luxury.
This is an electric product that is a cool system sky learning.
The electric type is sky learning, which has a big feature that the blade opening and closing method is operated by a remote control or switch!
The blade is stronger in structure than passive products operated by manual gears and has the advantage of not breaking down.
It is painted in the same color as the country house itself, giving a sense of unity and unity.
Isn’t the color so pretty? The color of this cool system skylighting is dimming paint No. 519 LADY PUNCH.
It’s my first time wearing a deep, hip, nude-toned apricot skywear, so I’ve been thinking a lot about choosing pictures.
Doesn’t the pattern on the wall sticking out in the center remind you of a luxury brand?
Maybe that’s why the house, skyning yard, and garden all have a luxurious and luxurious feeling.

Magic of cool system sky learning that even improves your dog’s quality of life.

There are a lot of points that stand out in this project.
I was able to reflect on your unique sense once again at the pet’s house.
I think the dense trees outside the walls will clean up the air inside the house and in the yard!
I finished installing sky learning and finished it with sliding doors on three sides.
If you add a glass door, you can open the door as needed, and close it privately.
The sliding door also minimizes the frame part, so the gap between the doors is not highlighted, so it looks a lot more aesthetic, right?
I think it is one of the efficient options to make the space of sky learning more cozy.

Skyning a cool system that can be produced with minimal fabric
You have installed another building of skyning on the other wall of the building.
You’ve requested skylining of two electric cool systems. It’s installed in skylining with the same color and small size!
Unlike other sky-learning, the cool system sky-learning can be produced in various sizes and designs according to the space.
Up close, it looks like the same color was added to the top and bottom frames of the door, creating a much cleaner design.
There is also a house for dogs in the space, and you must be living with more than one dog.
I don’t know how envious I am.

I think it’s the most colorful and beautiful country house I’ve ever seen!
Even the fence is the same apricot color.
Personally, I really really like this color, so it was a fun project all the whole time.
To be honest, I thought it was a famous tourist destination from afar, so I think I’d come to see it and take pictures.
I think it has a silhouette similar to the pink cathedral in Da Nang, Vietnam.
A special and unique outdoor space has been created with cool system skyning, which makes the sky with white clouds blooming and the cloudy sky with dark colors just the background!
The time inside the house is good, but since we are given an airy outdoor space with mountains and trees, wouldn’t it be perfect to use the space efficiently to complete a happy rural life?
Today, you saw the 스카이어닝 installation site that created a more special outdoor space with my own personality. How was it?
I was envious and pretty all the time, so I was amazed and happy.
Why don’t you make a special outdoor place that only I or we can enjoy freely these days when we’re being cautious due to Corona?
We promise you that we will be able to provide you with the best satisfaction if you join us in creating a unique outdoor space to enhance the value of your time and space!
That’s all for today’s posting and we’ll be back with a more mature and pleasant explanation in the next post!

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