Let me introduce you to a necklace with a luxury ring earring

Hello, I’m going to show you NOMINATION with a luxury bracelet that I find a lot at the level of 20s and 30s or older today.
In fact, among the women’s bracelets, the bracelets that correspond to luxury goods or quasi-luxuries are only about nomination, pandora bracelets, and cartier bracelets.
Of these, it’s also nomination information.

It’s an ITALY brand with a history of over 30 years. It’s over 5,000 stores around Europe.
Entry into the Asian market is a conservative real European brand.
The luxury women’s bracelets are different from their origin.
In fact, some women’s bracelet brands are produced in third countries, for example, even Danish pandora bracelets have a lot of Asian production,
Italian nomination is made in Italy. It’s a steamed European brand.

Nomination Women’s bracelets among luxury bracelets – Nomination Composables
The bracelets above are the lineups of Nomination Composables and Extensions
Composable is a style that combines something as if it were felt in the name.
Combining means custom, too, and it’s a bracelet that connects one link to a basic frame called a base and completes it.

Pandora bracelets, which women know a lot, are also true bracelets, and they connect one true and complete the custom design.
Nomination goes beyond custom designs to create a bracelet with meaning by combining symbols, initials, symbols, and messages.
It is famous for its bracelet with massage beyond simple custom design.

I’m told that I’m an icon language, which means I’m carrying a message,
In that sense, my story, our story bracelet is completed.
Also, because of these attributes, they are used as gifts.

Nomination has a wide range of earrings, rings and necklace lineups as well as women’s bracelets.
The ring, necklace, clock also continues to be a link design, or extension concept.
The clock has a round style as 레플리카 you can see above, but it has a pretty angular shape as you can see in the picture on it.

As you can see in the picture above, even if you start from a single, two matches are good,
It’s a good bracelet that matches other luxury bracelets and watches.
Because she is very cody with Pandora bracelets, she wants to experience nomination.

The composable has a big composable and a general composable, and the top picture is the big composable.
The middle is a regular composable. Personally, I’d like to give you one more vote for the basic composable.
The concept of the clock is also very good. The watch above has only the base, but it would be better if you added a cute link there.
Is this a bracelet or a watch? I’m thinking of the line.

In fact, there are many single rings, but now I am showing as many single rings and double rings as possible to show various designs of composables.
For reference, in the case of bass, there is a white bass like the majority of basses that you are looking at now, and there are black, rose gold, and gold.
If you are looking for a luxury bracelet now, you might want to see Rose Gold.
Rose gold is pretty and luxurious. Composables are usually around 30 if you start with a moderate composition,
Those who have a link pool are also configured to 50-20

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