More wine bottle, more service dish

It’s one of the wine bars my gourmet friend introduced me to


From the outside, the wine sea!

Most of them are in the bar

There’s a table inside with a maximum of six people

Four to the table

I guess we should make reservations for four people, right?

I made a reservation

a neatly set spot

This is how the dizaro bar seat

You had an acrylic plate installed in every two digits

I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to get a menu

It’s changed a lot
There are more wine types than food menus!!

samchi truffle porcinipasta

branch fries

Armonia 2019 litany natural wine

Baguette and oat butter baked directly from the bne

If you eat a piece of salt or two next to it, it is heaven

The baguette here is very dense

It was delicious, you know?

It’s 5,000 won menu, but I’m confused whether it’s a service or an epi

Why don’t you try the dishes?

Follow the wine and chill the wine:)

Wine! And wait for the main menu pleasantly

I don’t know what herb it is

the herb flavor and truffle flavor well blend

samchi truffle pasta

The serving man crushes it and mixes it with the sauce

It’s delicious to eat

I was afraid it might be a blow

the sauce soft and plump and creamy the samchisal

He was a good match. Happy!
This is the branch fries + Italian parsley I ate during my first visit

The smell of high smell is coming up!

It’s a fried eggplant in a mixture of dough

The texture of chewy sweet shrimp shrimp chewing between soft branches

And you know, Dan Sae-woo is sweet

A friend who went with him was talking about

How cute it was to chew shrimp and have a round eye!

It’s attractive!

More delicious when you eat it in soy sauce:)

premium wine bar mamacocha

Provides a comfortable space with wine beer whiskey

a warm phrase

Mamakocha, which is set to be good at price

I’m a fried fish again, so I eat and drink wine!

various wines

It is really nice and beautiful in Yucheon-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon

I found a good wine bar at a price
Chuchu, who visited the house because he was close to his house, was drunk with the atmosphere and taste

I don’t usually enjoy drinking

If you ask for your favorite drink, answer the wine!
Mamakocha opposite the Byucksan Plaza in Yucheon-dong, where I lived for a long time

It’s nice to see you and it’s nice to have a wine bar in this place

It’s all over!

I’m gonna have to tell you

Or it would be nice if you came to the meeting place or came to the day when you had to treat your precious person

I think I’ve been to the wine bar in Daejeon a lot

Personally, it is dark, atmosphere, and the distance between the seats is wide.

I just liked it

I’m afraid I’m talking a lot

You took fewer pictures

Weinba Mamakocha 풀싸롱 can be eaten by choosing a bottle and a glass

the price range is low measured

There are a variety of wines ready

Bne is also good for dating courses

Couples came over to enjoy the wine

And when your first lady’s parents come and get the mood

I like to chat

More wine bottle, more service dish

I heard it was coming out:)

I’ll go back to the next one

I’ll come and enjoy wine and ceviche

I had a really good meal of sweet shrimp saviche

You’re gonna fuck Whitewine, aren’t you?

Lulu, I’m leaving!

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