representative appraisers’ feelings over 21 years of working experience

I took it out when I had one luxury bag, Chanel, a year-end meeting or an important appointment

I did not go out, so I had little frequency of use and kept it, but I did not use it in the future.

The luxury bag is disposed of this time because the year is older and the value is lower as time goes by.

I went to Wyjaylux, a used luxury bag sale, to change to another brand.

It is difficult to park on the first floor in the case of WYJ Lux Apgujeong, a used luxury bag sales specialist

It is possible to park in front of the store, so it is convenient and free parking when using the car

After leaving the exit 6 of Rodeo Station in Apgujeong, Bundang Line, which is easy to go by public transportation,

It’s located on the right side with a straight left olive spirit at the rodeo entrance.

The opening hours of the WYJLux are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

It is open all year round, and on Sundays, public holidays are operated as reservations.

I checked online before I sold my used luxury bags

There are damage, personal information, and price adjustments are difficult.

I chose an offline store because I was safe and curious about the market,

It’s easy to sell at the store at Wyjaylux

After I bought the luxury goods and price, I was able to get the money right away.

Inside the store. I’m inside and I’m full of used luxury goods.

Lorex, Hermes, Chanel. Louis Vuitton. Piaget, Patek Philip,

Omega, Cartier, Bulgari, Dior and other brands

They handle a variety of items such as colored jewels, gold, used luxury watches, bags, and jewelry.

The interior is simple with white, sophisticated and clean

The used watches were also displayed in a beautiful showcase, so it was neat and managed like a new product.

It was easy to see. I could see that it specializes in luxury goods.

I came to sell my bag and I had a hard time buying it.

It is a place operated by YJ representative of a luxury appraiser, so the company name is WYJ Lux.

It is that you are proud of yourself to put your name on it.

That made me more trustworthy and trustworthy.

There is a privately separated office inside the store, where there is a luxury feeling

The same product sales price is kind and kind,

I understand it while watching it together, so I got product information and it was so good.

I compared several companies, but I 레플리카 think the highest price is the best place.

In 21 years, I have been working as a professional and luxury appraiser.

I do not buy products that I can not do, I do not sell them

Cash purchases. Free to purchase nationwide courier services through consignment sales, luxury exchange and non-face-to-face services,

Seoul game is possible quick, and after consultation,

We are operating various services such as business trip visit service, and we can meet soon in Daegu and Busan.

You also prepared sweet and soft jelly for visitors in a tray.

I can wait while eating jelly while I am feeling luxury.

Can I sell Chanel’s bag?

You can choose whether to sell the bag right away or to commission it

I was very careful with tools from the exterior to the accessories, the condition, the outside and the inside.

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