A lot of things may sound frustrating

These days, I often hear questions, but sometimes I get asked if blog marketing can still be powerful. I am not a blogger who is enthusiastic about blog marketing, but I am confident that I have led the reaction by posting product reviews that I like to like, but I think I get these questions as it becomes natural that blogs are pushed out in the era when the 백링크 edition has changed to YouTube.

Frankly, let’s say that it is income through blog posting! Naver Adpost, AdSense, Kupang Partners, but the income you can get unless you are all in full-time is not so big. Of course, the import gap may be large depending on the importance, awareness, and timely content response of posting quality, but it is also insufficient in my experience.

But if you stick to blogs in terms of marketing effectiveness, some people say you are stupid, but there are reasons.

the integrity of blogs

For example, the integrity that blogs can transmit can convey a different belief than the video. There is a difficulty in detailing the book in the video, saying that it is posting reviews about the book. Delivering depth to taste is also still not enough for the image to replace. It is also attractive to blogs to review aesthetic works and enjoy the pleasure of traveling.

The power to gather small views and show them

Even if the Internet is full of gossip articles that make you immerse in issues, it will be a small power of the blog that the small review can be loved for a long time. Blogs can be a very attractive platform if you can capture them every day, even if you have to spend a lot of time and energy taking and editing videos every day.

You can also feel the charm of the appropriate advertisement

The ads that you keep making small things and that you make a valuable income and that you put up to your algorithms are also attractive to you through blogs. You can feel the profit flet through blogs such as blog experience group and public institution policy reporter.

And it is a blog that is suitable for creating your own marketing system while linking with various social platforms. Here’s my little experience: I even experienced leverage by signing up for a long period of time with my monthly blog income.

How do you want to start from the beginning?

Steps to walk slowly will be important to act as a marketing platform. It is good to get closer to various topics and activate them, but I think it is better to build up the index by steadily raising your favorite contents, to find a tag exposure method by sorting categories, and to build it through the adpost advertisement and Kupang Partners mentioned above.

It is also necessary to find areas where marketing is needed

It is frank to want to increase the number of views with a lot of content in the field where many contents are poured or in real time, but it can collapse on a wall that is more competitive than you think.In contrast, it will be more helpful to be able to deal with simple but necessary things such as areas and know-how that are needed in everyday life and are not covered much.

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