We’re going viral through online marketing.

I’ve had some unexpected events in the last year.

Because of the Pandemic situation, there’s a lot going on.

It’s changed.

Distraction enforcement has led to the activities of

With fewer restrictions, we’re running our own businesses.

The hardships of those who do it have grown.

But a crisis is an opportunity.

As the saying goes, even in difficult situations,

Rather, it’s going to produce better results better.

There are people who pay.

Social activities, due to the distancing,

They say it’s down, but people don’t know what to do.

It’s not that you’re not moving.


I’m going to consume 구글상위노출 what you need.

Actively when you can afford to spend.

The move to make it even more…

You can say it’s big.

So we’re going to be targeting these people.

Well, as long as you’re good at marketing,

Better than before Corona.

You can also create a situation.

People who run their own businesses are the most…

The most popular promotional tool is…

As expected, it’s SNS.

These days, not just blogs,

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,

It is being used in the public.

The use of new social networking sites has increased.

It stands out, but it’s still traditional.

Blogs, which are promotional tools, are also.

It shows its potential.

Install the app separately and sign up.

You don’t have to. Good access.


That’s why we’re talking about the top-level exposure.

Importance is still important.

But it’s never been possible to achieve this.

Well, this isn’t easy.

A lot of people invest their time.

You’re trying, but you’re trying.

It works better than that.

What you can’t do is the reality.

Be the top blog exposure first

Special know-how and steady.

Administration is required.

But it’s not enough to concentrate on the business.

I can’t just keep a blog in the situation.

I don’t have any.

Because marketing is never gonna happen.

It’s not just a simple thing.

to the online marketing market.

We need to understand, and we need to get it right.

I know a variety of ways to fit.

It’s because there needs to be.

Just take a pretty picture.

Just by raising it or opening an event,

It’s hard to see a good effect.

No matter how good the manuscript is, it’s not just about people’s lives.

If it’s less accessible, the effort…

It’s because it’s hard to do.

So make sure you’re accurate with what you want.

It’s efficient and at a good price.

I need to find a place where I can do it for you.

Of course, with a lot of experience,

There should be.

With all these conditions,

Optimally, we’re going to be able to get the upper-level blog exposure.

The place they give me is called Bemap.

I’m at the company.

People search for something.

If you do, you’ll be able to use the upper exposure

Induce an inquiry.

Even if it’s just one or two inquiries,

If these things get together, I’ll give you a lot of power.

That’s how it works.

You want to make it a top exposure.

I’m gonna have to pay a lot of attention if you give me a keyword.

with no need for top exposure.

You can see the posting.

One thing I’m going to tell you here is,

The logic for being a high-level exposure

It means there is.

This logic is fixed.

No, it changes often.

So I’m going to use this logic.

I don’t know much about individuals.

I’ve tried, but I’ve got a lot of exposure.

It’s hard to send.

So, I’m going to take a look at the blog’s top exposure.

For the sake of logic, it’s a good idea.

of a professional who understands

I really need your help.

And these days, I don’t like computers.

Most people use their smartphones to search for

I have a lot of work to do.

So you can search your smartphone.

It’s a good way to make sure that it’s exposed.

That’s important, too.

And most importantly,

As expected, it’s the cost.

Most of the self-employed are promoting.

The reason for this concern is that it’s a cost-

It’s because of the part.

TV that people can access,

If you advertise on the radio,

I know it’s good, but honestly, it’s cost-effective.

The noodles are too much.

Especially for small business owners.

I dare imagine such a commercial.

It’s something I can’t do.

So, I’m going to use the blog’s superimposition.

Marketing through is important.

The cost is based on existing advertising methods.

It’s a lot less than that.

It’s because the effect is very big.

I can assure you it’s working.

The point is that the target layer is clearly identified.

It’s possible to target them.

The most important thing to do when promoting online.

The part is the setting of the target layer.

Set the target layer exactly.

If you don’t, it’ll last long.

I can’t.

Therefore, BMAP is able to create a real image

Through the reviewable manuscripts you have used,

Actively target the target audience.

He’s a good target manager.

This is one of the most important parts of public relations.

It’s one.

I’ve been working hard on online promotions.

Those of you who posted this,

You read it, and you read it, and you read it, and you read it, and

What’s wrong with that?

Now that you’ve had it, you’ll know.

And finally, I’m going to take a look at the blog.

I don’t know how much you’re looking for.

I don’t know if I can trust my work.

Think carefully before you choose.

I’d like to tell you.

There are a lot of online PR agencies now.

I have it.

So I don’t want to be meticulous.

I mean, if you’re going anywhere,

A lot.

But it’s this easy to make a choice.

And as you do it, you make the results you want.

It may be difficult.

So how many…

Whether he has experience and know-how.

You have to look at it first.

And based on trust with the client,

I’m sure you’ll be able to keep it under control.

You have to choose a business to make sure that you don’t have to pay for it.

You can see the changes.

It’s hard to stop corona.

There’s always been a gloomy day in the news.

I can only hear from you.

But even in this darkness,

I keep seeing hopeful news.

I mean, there’s a lot of self-

I don’t think it’s too difficult.

To a time of change.

Please keep it.

You’ve got a special set of things that fit your business.

We’re going to use advertising to help consumers.

We’re looking for a natural approach.

There is definitely a way.

We’re going viral through online marketing.

If you increase it little by little, you’ll be much more likely to be with your customers

We need to make sure that sales are changing.

You can feel it.

It’s about real users of smartbrow.

I’m looking at the reviews and seeing how effective they are.

Feel the publicity for yourself.


And then I’ll tell you what you want.

If you talk to me carefully, I’ll tell you something new.

You’ll see the way to marketing.

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