Maybe it’s because of the high expectations of winning last season’

I was angry and thought about not writing a review. Even if it was disgraceful to write about the defeat at home, there was nothing I showed for 스포츠중계 the entire 90 minutes. I woke up at 5 a.m. and I don’t know what I saw for 2 hours. It was really a performance that could take a cancer.

This is the season when he is writing various records and history once again. Of course, the bad side. From the crushing defeat in the third round against Aston Villa to now, he seems to have seen all kinds of records. “Since 1984, three consecutive league home games have been scoreless and 37 years of defeat to Brighton is an unacceptable record for me, who has been in my 15th year.” These disgraceful records happened even before I was born. Even his second consecutive home win was nine years ago.

Of course, we cannot overlook the handicap and bad luck of the coronavirus aftermath, home-free games, and the injury of the main players. But Liverpool is the defending champion. The defeat at home against 17th-ranked Brighton is an unacceptable result. At least if he had a good performance, it would have been comforting.

Liverpool, as usual, came out in a 4-3-3 formation. Sadio Mane and Alisson Becker were reported to have suffered minor injuries, with the gap between the two players being replaced by Jordan Shakiri and Quivin Kellerher. Although he expected a surprise appearance by new center backs Ben Davis and Ozan Kabak, it was also too much. Henderson and Philips played the same as the last game.

Brighton, on the other hand, came out with a 3-5-2 formation. It was a defensive tactic to have three center backs to thicken the central defensive block and to check Liverpool’s side play by refraining from advancing left and right wingbacks. In particular, Brighton narrowed the gap between the stopper and the central midfielder to strengthen the midfield’s defensive balance, which worked properly and completely neutralized Liverpool’s attack.

Brighton’s tight defensive block made Liverpool hardly find a way to attack. The key was how to use the left and right half spaces. However, Brighton continued to drive Liverpool to the side, showing a tenacity that did not even give up half-space space. Liverpool, pushed to the side, could only change direction and cross. It was regrettable that Manet was not able to play the role of Crack.

In the first half, Brighton was blocked by a solid defensive wall, so he failed to hit an effective shot and finished scoreless.

The second half began with no significant changes except that Shakiri was relocated to the right. In the beginning, Firminu made several chances and tried to shoot, but was repeatedly blocked by the defensive wall. Firminu caught quite a few balls from the front, but he lost his chance by repeating the play that was neither influential nor nutritious.

In the 55th minute of the second half, Brighton scored the first goal. Dan Byrne headed a long ball from the right side into the penalty box. Phillips tried to stop it, but his foot was out of reach, and the running Leandro Trosar shot. The shot hit Steven Azlat’s foot and was sucked into the goal.

In the 63rd minute of the second half, Shakiri and Beinaldum were out and Origi and Chamberlain were put in. However, they lacked the ability to raise the team’s energy level or make any changes. Rather, after the 70th minute, Brighton made several effective shots. If it weren’t for Callagher’s defense, the score gap might have widened.

Klopp added Curtis Jones as his last substitute. However, this also did not make any difference. In the end, Liverpool lost 0–1 amid a frustrating performance of nothing

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