I’ve been sitting and working for a long time, but I’m not as tired or tired as I normally am.

Hello. It’s already Wednesday, the middle of the week. It’s Wednesday, physically and mentally as hard as Tuesday. But I’m not feeling down or tired today! Actually, I was so tired yesterday that I went to the massage shop as soon as I got off work! Maybe that’s why I don’t get tired or tired even though I work sitting down for a long time! While I was looking for a good review through Gunma Banhada, I liked Yongin’s Swedish massage shop and decided to go here!

The ‘Uholic’ I’ve been to is located 10 minutes away from Giheung Station near Giheung-gu Office in Yongin. I took my car because I was on my way home from work. I called you in advance for parking and you said you can park in the building for free. Sometimes it’s very uncomfortable to visit a parking lot where there’s no parking lot, but I was able to visit comfortably 고양건마 without any parking.

Yongin Swedish massage shop is open from 12 p.m. to 4 a.m. on Mondays to Saturdays, and from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Sundays. It’s open until the weekend without any holidays, so I think it’s really convenient to get a massage whenever you call me in advance. Especially, it was good to visit without any burden because we had enough time to visit after work.

The interior of the shop was cozy. It’s quiet and not too bright or too dark, and the manager who responds calmly to the light, and I thought that I’m here to heal the aroma scent of the entire shop.

They gave me a warm welcome and a simple snack. I skipped dinner and ran home as soon as I got off work. I skipped dinner. I was a bit hungry. Thank you so much for giving me something to eat at Yongin’s Swedish massage shop. They gave me warm lemon tea. Maybe it was because I drove for a long time due to traffic jam, but the refreshing lemon flavor cleared my mind.

While drinking tea, I heard the explanation of the program to choose the care I will receive at the Yongin Swedish massage shop. The Swedish course was 80,000 won for an hour A and 100,000 won for 90 minutes B, and 40,000 won for an additional 30 minutes of care.

Yongin massage shop also offers waxing. It was composed of 100,000 won in advanced, 80,000 won in intermediate, and 60,000 won in beginner.Also, there is a course where you can receive waxing and therapy at the same time, so it is designed to be cheaper and more comfortable.

I didn’t get waxing, so I was only going to get a swaddish course. It feels like an hour is short. If I add it, I get more money. So I decided to go on course B! I’m already looking forward to the management of Yongin Swedish massage shop.

I was guided to the changing room to change my clothes. Yongin Swedish massage shop had a suit and towels that were organized by size. When I get a massage, I purposely look for clothes with a large size. That’s how you feel comfortable when you get care. So I prefer a place that has everything in each size rather than clothes that are prepared in advance!

The fitting room was big, so it was easy to change clothes. The locker at Yongin Swedish massage shop was locked with a password. It’s usually very clumsy, so I always have to be nervous because I lose my keys, but I like it because there’s no such recitation because it’s a number key. Also, there was plenty of locker space, so it was very convenient to store my luggage.

There was a dressing room and a shower room attached to the swedish massage shop in Yongin. The shower room was clean without mold or hair. It showed that you care a lot about cleanliness. There were all the shower products prepared.

The comb was as clean as new without a single hair. In case of a comb, there could be at least one. I think Yongin Swedish massage shop is perfect for me who is hygienically sensitive.

There are all the disposable and skincare products you need, so it was perfect for after-care. At the swedish massage shop in Yongin, I didn’t know what I needed, so I thought I’d prepare everything’s ready.~

I changed into a light gown and went to the foot bath room, and a Korean massage manager in Yongin received water at the right temperature in advance. I was able to forget the fatigue and stress accumulated until now because I took off the fragrant foot bath and dipped my feet. My whole body became drowsy after twenty years of coldness.
After taking a warm foot bath, my feet feel really refreshed and light. There was an air purifier in each room under care. It’s very difficult to ventilate places without windows like massage shops. So sometimes, when you go to a shop with bad air, your throat hurts a lot and your skin doesn’t get warmed up easily. There is an air purifier here, so you can get a massage in a pleasant environment.

Yongin Aroma massage manager came in and started to take care of it, and asked if there were any stiffness or pain. I told you that my neck and shoulders are very uncomfortable, but they relaxed that part intensively. At first, it hurt so much that I didn’t touch it well, but it got cooler when I got on the manager’s touch.

He touched each and every muscle in detail. Maybe it’s because he loosened up his inner muscles. It felt so refreshing. If you took an hour course, you would have regretted it. After 90 minutes like 10 minutes, I tried to move around and it was amazing that I became relaxed without any problems or discomfort. Yongin Aroma Massage Manager’s hands were like medicine!

He changed his clothes and gave me warm green tea for the last time. It’s very reassuring to feel warm inside. Yongin Swedish massage shop was perfect until the last service.
I was able to enjoy proper healing in a long time because it was a place where everything was in terms of facilities, skills, and price. If you feel like you need some healing, why don’t you visit the Swedish massage shop in Yongin?

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