Disposal the women’s luxury bags directly

I sold my first luxury bag, Saint Laurent
I was so precious because it was the first copy brand bag
Now that I’m not getting along, I’m taking the fall
It’s decorated with velvet, leather, beads, gold
I was proud of the heavenly visuals
I guess the velvet material is difficult to maintain
If you let it go a little bit, it’s gonna be dusty
I didn’t think it was a bag for sewage like me

I’m a first-timer who’s recommended for the luxury white door
I thought I’d buy a nice canvas
Anyway, I’ve been picking up a lot of the community
The more you leave your unused luxury bags, the more you have a yearly diet
The value is lowered and the amount is lowered
So if you’re not going to use it, you’ll have to
I said we had to diligently dispose of it first
I also eat hard and I eat hard
I’m gonna sell this baby boy

In conclusion, I’d like to visit an offline store
I was well disposed of by the doo-tuk
I thought I should have tried this in the first place
In fact, before that, I’d like to sell it as a personal direct deal
I shoved him, and he was just trying to get
I just tried to eat it!
The person who sees this article is like me
I recommend you to check out the offline store!

Even a luxury bag, except for the steady seller’s smoothness
It’s hard to get a lot of attention, so I’m going to go to the private market
It’s hard to sell it fast
If you want to get rid of it, you can
You’re gonna have to be a big guy, you’re gonna have to pay a penny
or you’ll keep going until someone comes out
I need to do some work on the lifting
This is not usually a job, either
in my case, despite my efforts
The fit doesn’t show up
I just got a few more months of yearly work

In the case of personal 레플리카 direct transactions,
I need to get random contact from all over the country
The safety issue is also becoming a big issue
Frauds such as fake swaps occur frequently
I get a refund of the item I bought and send a fake
Unconscientious buyers, no, they have crooks
I’m going to put my best effort into writing posts
I would have sold it in response to the emotional labor
How embarrassing and angry it would be

The buyer was carrying it, and it was destroyed
The man who sold it didn’t exactly specify the damage
They’re insisting on getting a refund and returning the broken ones
I read about the person who was actually hurt
on the surface, scratches, linings, kimchi soup
He said he gave it back to me

If the damage is small or small, it seems to be the same as the accusation
Especially I didn’t touch it with my bare hands
So, gold or jade is not a good thing
I can’t even imagine how upset I would be if I came back broken

And it’s also a matter of how you’re going to deal with
Push tighter conditions on the seller
For example, a buyer may be a remorse
He says he has the right to a refund
But the seller gave me a refund
I found damage on the product, and the case where I claim it
It’s been bought and sold for what it’s already been used
The person who caused the damage is not clear
You say you rarely get punished or rewarded

I’m not sure we’re gonna have to get to the bottom of this
It happens so much, but it is personal direct deal
I couldn’t find a reason to insist
So we turned it into a safe offline disposal
I’ve done a lot of research on where I bought the best or otherwise
As a result of reviewing various reviews, the more large companies
Acquisition of data that the rate of disposal and the amount received are gains
So I started to search for the right place

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